VISTA2025 is a Chester County public-private partnership effort that is focused on creating and implementing an economic development strategy for the county. Its fundamental premise is that progress and preservation are complementary elements of a strategy that will support economic health while maintaining the “sense of place” that makes Chester County so attractive to residents and businesses.

This process is organized around five key sequential elements: Vision, Ideas, Solutions, Teams and Actions with a goal of guiding economic growth through 2025 towards a successful and sustainable county economy. With a focus on specific near-term actions, VISTA2025 seeks to galvanize a wide range of county stakeholders to join together to achieve the objectives and recommendations that emerged as part of the strategy.

This process was initiated by an executive alliance of key county business leaders, educators, and non-profit executives which is led by public sector co-chairman and Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline and private sector co-chairman, Tom Fillippo. The initial development of the strategy was managed by the Chester County Economic Development Council assisted by TIP Strategies, a consulting firm from Austin, Texas that specializes in the creation of economic development strategies. Currently, five goal teams, one for each of the five VISTA 2025 goals, provide ongoing advice and guidance related to the implementation of the VISTA 2025 strategies

More information regarding the VISTA 2025 effort is contained in the Resources section of this website.