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Conducted by CCEDC in partnership with the County Commissioners and the county’s ten chambers of commerce, the “Take the Pulse” survey is a key component of VISTA 2025, Chester County’s ten-year economic development strategy designed to maintain the economic health of the county by striking a balance between progress and preservation.  More than 300 business decision makers responded to the online, 20-question survey assessing the business climate in Chester County.

Take the Pulse 2017 Survey Results

Key results from the Take the Pulse survey include:

  • “Quality of Place” continues to play a critical role in Chester County’s economic success. 27 percent of respondents cited it as the primary reason they are located in Chester County (up from 16 percent the prior year).
  • Business owners in 2017 are more optimistic for growth in Chester County (53 percent “improving”) compared to one year ago (46 percent “improving” in 2016).
  • Three-quarters of respondents (75 percent) are optimistic for growth in their own companies.
  • Traffic congestion and the availability of qualified workforce candidates remain concerns.

Compared to 2016 findings, respondents in 2017 have a significantly more positive view of several characteristics of Chester County, including:

  • Natural environment/open space (90 percent net positive ratings in 2017, up from 76 percent in 2016)
  • Location/access to markets (86 percent from 78 percent)
  • Presence of related business clusters (77 percent from 58 percent)

Areas where impressions of Chester County declined compared to 2016 include:

  • Availability of workforce (63 percent net positive ratings in 2017, down from 72 percent in 2016)
  • Infrastructure (down to 39 percent from 58 percent)
  • Roads/highways (37 percent from 62 percent)
  • Permitting process/municipal approval process (19 percent from 26 percent).


Take the Pulse is a key component of VISTA 2025, a public-private partnership between the County of Chester and the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) focused on creating and implementing a 10-year economic development strategy for the county. Implementation of the strategy is a collaborative effort involving the CCEDC, the Chester County Commissioners, chambers of commerce, key county business leaders, educators and non-profit executives. For more information on VISTA 2025, see www.vista2025.com. For information on Chester County, see www.chesco.org. For more information on the Chester County Economic Development Council, see www.ccedcpa.com

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